"I believe it's time that we should take it up a notch, shall we?"

Faceless One is a circular being that is shown to not have a mouth, but can still speak. He was recruited along with Coligi by the main cast 80 years after the events of Epic Universe.


Faceless One hasn't been shown in Epic Universe: Next Generations to have much of a personality, but the moments where he does, he was either brash, or calm and calculating. He didn't seem very chatty during Seasons 2-3, either. This is likely because at first he didn't fully trust the rest of the gang. Faceless One might also have a rather large knowledge capacity.

Powers and Abilities

Faceless One was seen attacking Fion with a spin that increased his mass, causing more damage. The spin didn't have much speed to it, however. Also, after a difficult year-long training session, His power boosted to about 8,000,000,000,000,000, or about 10 percent of Xamo's power. After he transformed, his spin was much faster, and he was able to do more damage.

Although it may not be much of a power, but Faceless One does not appear to age.


Faceless One's species is a variant of the Awesome Face species, but was raised on another planet. This planet is likely in the second quadrant of Universe 1. Because of the similarity, Awesome Face and Faceless One were able to fuse to make Awesome Morr.

Current Status

Both Faceless One and Coligi have seemed to perfected their teamwork, as proven by when they reappeared dealing with space pirates via. bomb on their ship. The reason for this was to teach the rest of Fion's men a lesson. After their success, they heard via. Malleo II about what was happening in Universe 6. Malleo then teleported them to the others in Universe 6, just in time to meet Xuma.