Gigapad Seventy-Five
Gigapad Seventy-Five (Boosted)
GIgapad Seventy-Five is a newer form of Seventy-Five that is not one of the main transformations. Though he has had this form since sometime during his 2nd incarnation, he never used it until his 3rd, after the 80 year gap.


In order to reach the form, Seventy-Five summoned the power of his Multicolored form while in his Ultimate form. Gigapad Seventy-Five is 4x stronger than his Ultimate form, making him stronger than Nova Seventy-Five. Most of his powers are unknown, but he can willingly access the Ultra Rage on a dime, and carry it to another form.


  • This form was partially shown during the Epic Universe Series Finale in the intro. Seventy-Five was meant to transform into this, but time cuts and the fact that it wouldn't have made a difference in the fights kept it out
  • This form is what became of the Multicolored head thing, though it is unknown how long this form was planned for
  • We can see in EU Episode 75 that there was an uncolored version of the head

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