• Weesee II

    Xamo was going on a rampage over the loss of his two creations, but Seventy-Five secretly survived and started fleeing. However, Star-C was not fooled, and quickly caught up to him. As he began gathering his ki for an attack, 75 looked at him and asked him if he would listen for a moment. Star-C, remembering their past, decided to listen, but firmly told 75 he only has a few moments before he decides to kill him. 75 revealed that Zeno was going to brutally kill Xamo (he's into that stuff you know), and "dispose" of the body. However, Xamo was gonna force 75 to either fight to the death or kill everyone with him, which he didn't want to do. 75 simply wanted to escape so he could no longer be a slave.

    Star-C felt bad, somewhat, but continued …

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