Xuivul the late Commander of The Dominion of Gees

"Liigii, Niogee. Before I die, I want you to vote no to the Anti-Dominion Law. If it is passed, the Dominion of Gees will die." - Xuivel before he died

Zederick "Xuivul" Hamakeegee was the last commander of the Dominion of the Gees. He was the father of Liigii and Niogee. He was the leader of the Dominion of Gees, the United Gee Verse's army before Weegee's Army. He was good friends with Weegee's family. He died after being hit by Awheeo's car. His last words were to his sons Liigii and Niogee. He told them to vote no to the Anti-Dominion, which stated that a new army would replace the Dominion of Gees. There is not really much else known about Xuivul.

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