"Goodbye my friends..."  ~ Z-Demon before being killed by Demon Weegee.

The Life of Z-Demon

Z-Demon was born from a fusion between X-Demon and Y-Demon, they quickly joined forces with the good guys to fight against the evil and powerful Demon Lord. They defeated the Demon Lord, but then after that Sqeegee decided to step in and fight them once again. Z-Demon quickly realised that Sqeegee was also after him so he chose to fight for the good side once again. He was still partially evil. After that, he went into the future with the team and decided to fight against other demons such as the ones in the future. After they returned back to their time, they faught Niogee and the Demon Overlord. Several months later, his evil and good split into two seperate beings. General John the bad part of him so he was completely good. He then died after trying to save the planet from Demon Weegee's blast. Months later, he was revived by Star-A and Star-B.

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