"Wasn't that simply fun? You nearly died!"

Zelos is a dinosuar looking creature that shoots energy beams out of it's mouth. He fought the decendants of the main cast 80 years after the events of Epic Universe

He first appeared in Season 2: Episode 19 of Epic Universe: Next Generations where it showed him ambush the decendants, but was forced to unleash his master Vileon. In Season 2: Episode 20 Vileon shot a energy beam at Zelos presumably killing him. He returned in Season 3: Episode 10 where it showed him team up with Commencer to defeat the decendants. He fused with Commencer and transformed into Comelos.


Zelos is playfully evil. He is not evil like "Multiverse domination" He just follows his masters order on what to do and why.

Powers and Abilities

This first appearance Zelos was in, he was seen shooting an energy beam out of his mouth at Weegee II in episode 19 of Season 2 in Epic Universe Next Generations. Zelos can also power up when he necessary.